Learning to Make Money Online – The Thirty Day Challenge

By Joe | August 7, 2008

I’ve just signed up to participate in Ed Dale’s 30 Day Challenge.

I learned about it from Caroline Middlebrook who has been learning about, and blogging about Internet marketing and how make money online for a while now. She started pretty much from zero and as she learns new stuff, she shares it with her readership.

Investing in knowledge is the greatest investment we can make and guess what, the Thirty Day Challenge is ABSOLUTELY FREE! The only investment is your time and your effort.

That’s right, you can learn all this cutting-edge internet marketing information for free! So anything of value that I learn from participating is of even greater value because I got it free baby!

As of today, The 30 Day Challenge is already into day 7 since it started on August 1st however, in his pre-season message (the pre-season started 2-3 months ago), Ed makes it clear that you can start at any time. The materials will be available all the time, so you can sign-up and play catch up, or you can just go through the stuff at your own pace.

I have only gotten through the Day 1 videos so far and I can tell that while I was skeptical at first, I’ve already learned some great stuff that will definitely be of value in building an online business. I am going to go back through the pre-season materials to make sure I don’t miss anything.

The goal the Thirty Day Challenge is to give us the information we need to create an online business with a solid understanding of Internet marketing, niche research, product development, keyword research, social bookmarking, back-link building, content creation, social networking, SEO (search engine optimization), blogging, hub pages and just about everything you need to know, to earn your first $10 online.

Wait a minute, 30 days to make just $10 dollars?

Yep, that’s right, because once you learn how to make your first $10 dollars online, it’s just a matter of extending that knowledge so you make your first $100 dollars online, then your first $1000 dollars online and so on. A number of people who went through the very first 30-Day challenge back in 2005, have actually gone on to become internet millionaires!

Why not join me on The 30-Day Challenge and begin to explore the wonderful world of internet marketing!

Let’s all learn to make money on the internet together! Take a look at the video below to learn more.

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