This stuff really works – Part 2

By Joe | August 1, 2008

The last time I wrote about this I was all excited about having earned $75 bucks. Well now that July is over, my final number for my first month in business is (drumroll please . . .) $97 big ones!

Ok, I know that for many of you, this represents a tiny drop in an ocean sized bucket, but for me it represents a beginning.  It represents hope for the future.  It represents a WIN dammit!

I’ve been trying to make money on the internet, doing this, that and the other thing, since I can’t remember how long.  MLM schemes, Affiliate programs, eBay, diet products and God only knows what else and I’d never really learned to make money on the internet until now.

So pardon me if I get a little excited about a my measly $97 but remember, this was my very 1st month following the advice of Vic Franqui at Blogger Unleashed, Grizz at Make Money Online for Beginners, Courtney Tuttle at Court’s Internet Marketing School and several others, and this time, I actually got a positive financial result!

I spent the better part of a 2 years working with an online Network Marketing company (which shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) trying my damnedest to build down-lines and up-lines and left and right lines, and I never made a single cent, nothing, nada!

After doing this stuff for a while and making no progress, it kind of leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth you know? You start to say to yourself, hey self! Why is it that all those other people can make money online and you can’t? Are you stupid? Are you lazy? Well, yes and . . . yes, but that’s beside the point. Despite being both stupid and lazy, this month, I actually made some money on the internet! And guess what, I fully expect to make some money online next month and the month after than and so on and so on.

The other thing is that I am only using 1 technique so far which is creating Build A Niche Store sites. There is still so much more to learn and so many other fabulous ways to make money online that I haven’t even begun to explore yet.  When I learn some of the more advanced stuff, watch out!

So I say again, just like I said last time, this stuff really works!

Believe me people, if I can do it, so can you!

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