There’s a new kid in town . . .

By Joe | August 25, 2008

OK, maybe he’s not so new but I just liked that headline.

There is one ingredient to making money online that is so critical that without it, you can just pack your bags and say goodnight Gracie!

And what exactly is this most critical, can’t live without it ingredient for internet marketing success?

Organic Traffic! Duh!

How can you make money online unless you can get people to your site?  If they never see your site, they’ll never see your products or your ads or whatever?

Put simply, you can’t. No traffic = no $$$

So how do we get people to visit our sites?

Well, one of the more important things to learn, if not the most important thing, is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO?   I’m glad you asked.

There is a lot of complicated lingo around the internet about what exactly SEO is, but I found a really good description of SEO on the Justin Brigg’s site SEO Zombie. In fact, I found quite a wealth of SEO information at Justin’s site and I think you will agree.

Now the reason I called him a kid in the headline is because Justin, is a full-time college student! Well, he may be young, but he’s no dummy and he’s sharing his knowledge in the area of Search Engine Optimization for all who care to explore his site.

I’ve been making my way through SEO Zombie and I can tell you honestly, he’s got some great stuff there folks.

So if you want to learn to rank higher in the search engines and make more money online, you need to be checking out SEO Zombie.

No Duh!

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