Man there are a lot of gurus out there!

By Joe | September 9, 2008

I don’t know about you, but I have found that once you begin looking at how to make money online, you will find a literal TON of gurus out there who who want to guide you toward your internet millions.  Every one of them promises that what they will teach you is going to help you to make money on the internet and that their way is the quickest, the easiest and the bestest.

They can’t all be right, can they?

I’ve come across certain gurus who offer internet marketing training programs to teach you how to make money online, that cost literally thousands of dollars! Then there are those other gurus who will sell you an eBook that will teach you the fundamentals of building an internet business for only $7.

That is quite a big difference huh!

There is one site I came across where the guru offers you an iron-clad GUARANTEE in his advertising copy, that if you follow his methods, you will make money online!  Then at the bottom of the page, in the disclaimer, he tells you there are NO GUARANTEES that anything they teach you will make you any money whatsoever.


I am trying to build an online business and quite frankly, the amount of information out there in this area is dizzying.  So far I have only found one person who’s information has actually made me money.  I am learning, by purchasing ebooks and various tools and programs, that it ain’t that easy folks.  There is work involved in this make money online game.

The wonderful thing about it though, is that if you can make your way through all the hype and the propaganda, there are in fact ways to build a business online that work, and work well.  Once your business starts pulling in some dough, that really helps to keep one motivated and wanting to learn more.

So despite all the confusion, I am still working toward building a significant income online and as soon as I learn something new, I’ll be sure to let you know.


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