How to REALLY make money online.

By Joe | July 18, 2008

Money, money, moneyIsn’t that what we all want to figure out?  How do you really, really, really make money online?

In the make money online niche, there are gurus galore.  Some are pretty good and some are just plan full of baloney.  I believe I’ve found a few that can be trusted and I am following some of their advice.  The floodgates of cashflow have by no means opened, but I am being patient and I am working the plan.  Little by little, it will come.  Just like in that movie with Kevin Costner where he built a ball field in the middle of his farm, if we build it, they will come.  Now I don’t just mean build a site, I mean build a site, build an SEO strategy, build a network, build relationships, build a marketing plan, build, build, build.  If you build it, they will most certainly come.  If you build it right that is.

One of the guys that can help you learn to build it right is Vic Franqui.  I mentioned in an earlier post that Vic Franqui is my good friend.  Vic doesn’t know me, but he has shared some of his vast wisdom with me through his site, Blogger Unleashed that set me on a very specific path.  He taught me how to start out as a beginner, to slowly build towards cash flow.  OK, maybe not so slowly, Vic likes results, but his techniques are real and no-nonsense.  His language can be colorful at times, he has no qualms about tossing the F-Bomb liberally, but it’s good stuff people, it’s real good stuff.  What did he teach me about?  A technology called Build a Niche Store a.k.a. BANS.  This is a piece of software that has helped countless people begin to make money through one of the most lucrative affiliate programs on the internet, eBay! I won’t go into all the details here since you can get it from the Blogger Unleashed site much better than I will be able to explain it at the moment, but once I’ve got something significant to contribute, I will share it with you immediately.

Vic also told me about Griz.  Griz has a blog called Make Money For Beginners.  Now how perfect is that?  One look at Griz’s site and you know he’s a no-nonsense kind of guy.  He shares real, proven strategies for making money online.  He is highly endorsed by Vic and that’s endorsement enough for me.

Vic has also talked about Courtney Tuttle and his Internet Marketing School!  His site is also just fabulous.

Vic also mentioned Justin’s site.  Justin has a site called BloggingZombie and he learned a lot from Vic and is paying it forward with his own supplementary techniques and information.  I find his videos and the clarification of the techniques are of great value.

In my opinion, these guys are pretty trustworthy.  The information they teach makes sense.  It’s not pie in the sky, it’s not get rich quick, it’s real common sense advice, information and techniques that can set you on the path toward making money on the internet.  Also, they often not only how to instructions, but actual videos that will show you step by step, what to do.  I can’t express my gratitude enough for these incredible people whose sites have become invaluable resources for us all.

Now in addition to those guys and their blogs, you may also find some of these of value as well:

Well that’s a partial list of the RSS Feeds I read on a daily basis.  I hope that you find this information of value.  If so, don’t hesitate to drop a comment on me.

Remember, peace and serenity through prosperity!

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