Why I hate Grey’s Anatomy

By Joe | September 26, 2008

I hate Grey’s anatomy.

Why you ask?

Because when Grey’s Anatomy comes on, I can’t get any work done. If I could figure out a way to get paid while watching Greys Anatomy, life would be really great.   I wonder if they pay you to be a Nielson family?

I am trying to learn to make money online.   How can I make any money online, if I’m glued to the TV?

I have to confess though.  I love certain shows.  Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes and a few others.  Yes, even America’s Next Top Model.  I love the shows and I make no apologies.  Watching these shows makes me feel good and bottom line, it’s all about feeling good.

According to the law of attraction . . . wait, I’ve never talked about that before but hey, gotta start somewhere.  You attract what you think about, especially when you are feeling good.

So if I watch some Grey’s Anatomy and it makes me feel good, I am at a high vibrational level.  If I can then begin to think about building a successful business online, I bring some of that good vibration with me into the new thoughts.  That’s good, no?

The whole law of attraction thing and Abraham and Esther Hicks and all, has been of pretty keen interest to me for a number of years now ever since I went to see Esther and Abraham in person.  I’ve read many of the books and gotten some of the tapes and videos and I have even manifested some pretty positive results in my life but it’s an area that I am still learning about so I don’t talk about it that often.

OK, now I’m rambling.  But hey, isn’t that what blogs are for?

Anyway, Grey’s Anatomy is one of my many guilty pleasures.

That’s why I hate Grey’s Anatomy

How about you?

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