If I was a Rich Man

By Joe | July 9, 2008

Riches beyond your wildest dreams The entire point of learning to make money on the internet is to become independently wealthy.

That means rich folks . . . stinkin rich.

I was having a discussion the other day with some friends and family about what we would do if we were rich. Now, I’m not talking just a little rich, I’m talking RICH . . . Bill Gates Rich, Arab Oil Sheik Rich. What would I do if I were suddenly, really, really rich.

OK, so my first thoughts usually go to the children in my family. If I was a rich man , I’d want to set up a trust fund for each of the kids in my family. Let’s see, I have a nephew, two nieces, a granddaughter and various and sundry cousins, first, second and third. I’d want to set up some money for each of them so that when they hit their age of majority, they’d have it to start out life with. Hmmm. . . Maybe a college fund would be better. Yeah, I’d set up a college fund for each one so that they’d have a guaranteed education. But what if they didn’t want to go to college? What if they wanted to become entrepreneurs? Maybe I could set up some for of trust so that each of the kids could have the choice to either a) go to college, b) start a business or c) . . .. OK, maybe just A & B.

Next I’d want to set up my parents, by giving them a dream vacation, a dream home and any other dream they have now or will have once I drop a laundry bag of cash on them. My Mom and Dad have been extremely generous with my brother, my sister and myself over the years. Are they perfect parents? Nope, far from it. They have issues like anyone else. My Dad loves playing the ponies. My mom was a strict disciplinarian when we were kids. I don’t mean the "go stand in the corner" kind, I mean the "where’s my belt?" kind and she wasn’t afraid to use it. Despite all that, they’ve always been there for us. If I were a rich man , I’d gladly drop a sack of cash on them.

The next thing I’d want to do with my money is to set up a business. I’d want to have some money coming in to offset the money I would be spending or giving away. Now there are lots of different kinds of business. Brick and Mortar business can be very profitable, like a chain of Dunkin Donut shops or Subway Sandwich stores. I’m not sure how much management would be involved but I imaging it could be quite a bit. Real estate is always a good idea. Despite the current slump, the real estate market has traditionally always turned a profit year over year. Playing the stock market might be interesting although it really is just another form of gambling. Perhaps I could use some of that money to figure out how to really make money on the internet .

So you see, if I were a rich man , I’d be able to do so much for so many people, and I’m just getting warmed up. I haven’t even started to talk about myself yet.

I believe that thinking about being rich, in a fun, light-hearted and relaxed way, will help to tune up the mind to create the reality, from the fantasy. One day I will be able to do all the things I want to do. I believe that to be true.

Do you?

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