Tony Curtis is crying foul!

By Joe | October 15, 2008

TONY CURTIS claims that Hollywood executives denied him the juicy film roles he wanted in favor of guys like Paul Newman and Marlon Brando and that they underestimated his acting abilities.

Tony Curtis is not the only actor that thinks people underestimate his talents.  Every actor I know thinks he’s been underestimated at one time or another and that he’s a better actor than people think he is.

Does that make it true?  Probably not.

Tony Curtis is comparing himself with Paul Newman and Marlon Brando.  Marlon Brando!!  The man changed the face of acting.  He was a pioneer of the method and has been lauded as one of the finest actors in his own or any generation.  If I was Tony Curtis, I’d stay away from comparing myself with Marlon Brando.  Paul Newman, maybe, but not Marlon Brando.

According to USA Today, Tony claimed “I just wanted to be treated like anybody else. There was a lot of opposition to me during the early years of movies. It had an effect on me.  “I don’t feel like I got the movies I should’ve gotten.”

Me too!  I’ve auditioned for a bunch of stuff that I thought I should have gotten and didn’t.  It’s part of the game brother!

Tony curtis also said, “I felt I should have been considered more, with a little more respect from the Screen Actors Guild and the Academy.”

Tony, Tony, Tony!  You are 83 years old man, get over it!  You’ve had an amazing career, you’ve been with some of the most incredibly beautiful women ever and you’re bitching! You’ve been a working actor since 1949 for God Sakes!  And you did it all without ever losing your Bronx accent!

Count your blessings.

If I ever get the opportunity to do the things that Tony curtis has done, I do not believe that I would be complaining.  I’m just be enjoying the memories.

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