There’s a new kid in town.

By Joe | July 28, 2008

I remember the day one of my friends told me that his favorite search engine was called Google.  I said what’s a Google?  At the time my favorites were AskJeeves which later became just Ask, because I could ask a question in English, more or less, and Jeeves would decipher what I was asking for and provide me with results, and and Dogpile because it searched the search engines, but once I started using Google, it quickly became my search engine of choice as well and sure enough, it has grown to become the most popular search engine on the planet.

So now there is a new challenger in the search engine arena and it goes by the name of Cuil (pronounced cool).  Cuil was developed by a team of ex-Google engineers who believe they’ve come up with an even better way to find stuff on the web than the Google way!

I did a couple of quick searches on Cuil and I thought the way they lay out the search results in columns is kinda  . . . well  . . . cool!  Unfortunately, after a couple of searches, Cuil balked and told me that it was running hot and would be back later.  Not cool!

When it came back, I tried some searches for some of the keywords I’ve optimized my sites for and none of my sites came up in the results.  Now I come up on page one in Google for some of these keywords, but in Cuil, I’m no where to be found.  Definitely not cool!

Anyway, for better or worse, there’s a new kid in town and who knows, maybe Cuil IS the next Google?

Only time will tell.

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