The Power of Starting Now

By Joe | July 4, 2008

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."
—  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I think this Goethe guy has got something there.

Like I mentioned before, I bought this domain a while ago and I didn’t really do much with it.  I had a vague idea of selling products on eBay but it never went very far beyond just a vague idea.  I did a bunch of research about what to sell on eBay, where to buy what you sell on eBay and went so far as to create an eBay account, a Paypal account and actually sell a few things that were lying around. I sold an old flute, a portable dvd player and a couple of other smallish items, the whole time trying to figure out what that really HOT item was that I could buy for a next to nothing and sell for a small fortune.

I never found my killer eBay product .

So was re-purposed.  I used it as my first site when I started my voiceover business.  OK, maybe Serenitebiz isn’t the right name for a voiceover business.  It kind of makes you think of incense and bells ringing and five hundred Tibetan Monks in a room chanting OM . . . OM . . . OMMMMM.

Anyway, eventually, I bought a better domain for that business and SereniteBiz was relegated to having a re-direct to my new site.  It was already ranking pretty well in the SERPs for my keyword "Bilingual Voice Actor ".  In Google, I am usually #1 or pretty close to it for that keyword.  It’s cool to be #1 for a keyword but it’s not exactly like there are millions of people searching for a Bilingual Voiceover Actor .  I have gotten a couple of nibbles from it, but not the big whale of a client I’ve so longed for.

But that’s another story . . . back to starting now.

Over the years, I kept gravitating back to that eBay Millions idea again and again.  I still couldn’t figure out what my killer product would be.  DVDs?  Yeah, people love movies, right!  Nah, too much competition.  Jewelry?  Diamonds and Gold always fetch a nice price.  I figured the inventory would be easy to ship since most Jewelry fits in a tiny zip-lock bag and a small padded envelope which would keep shipping costs low, but where could I find a bulk jewelry supplier?

That is the biggest pain about selling stuff on eBay.  Where does one find wholesale suppliers?  After all, the eBay business is all about buying low and selling high.  While doing my research, I learned that the products most new sellers on eBay try for, are the ones that are most highly saturated in the marketplace.  Like iPods for example.  iPods are hot, right!  Sure, I own one myself but I wouldn’t try to sell them on eBay.  Where am I going to find iPods cheap enough that I can sell them on eBay for a profit?  The per unit profit margin is so low that it’s simply not a good investment unless you can buy an entire warehouse full of the damn things.

Uh, can you say budget!

Try as I might, I could not figure out how to REALLY start an eBay business until I stumbled upon Blogger Unleashed , the website of Vic Franqui.  Vic Franqui is a man who knows how to make money online .  Not only does he know how to make money blogging , but he also is very willing to share his wealth of knowledge and teach newbies like me exactly how to make money on the internet .

Vic Franqui is my very good friend.

Now understand something, Vic Franqui and I have never met, spoken or corresponded in any meaningful way.  Frankly, he doesn’t know me from Adam.  I think I posted a comment on his blog once, but he never responded so I don’t know if he ever even received it.  Nevertheless, Vic Franqui is my very good friend because he shared a portion of his knowledge with me and that small portion was enough to FINALLY and REALLY start making money on eBay .

So . . . What did I learn from Vic?

I’ll tell you later.

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