The Namesake

By Joe | July 7, 2008

Serenity . . . the namesake So I mentioned previously that I had created this site in order to leave a legacy for my family and especially for my granddaughter Serenity. Is there more noble a purpose than to help others? And who is more deserving than ones own family? I ask you, have you ever seen a more precious baby? Who would’nt want to help her. when she was first born, I actually set up a site for her asking that people donate to my daughter to help her pay her education bills and such but I don’t think we got a single donation. This was at a time when there was a big story in the news about a young woman who put up a e-panhandling site and managed to pay off her student loans and all her credit cards. I guess babies don’t get as much compassion as young women with bad financial habits. Oh well.

So now, I’m going to earn it the old fashioned way . . . I’ll steal it! Just kidding! I intend to earn every penny and I’m going to spend as much as I can, and whatever is left when I “shuffle off this mortal coil” will go to my daughter and my granddaughter. Easy peasy.

OK, so first I’m helping myself, right! But how can I help others unless I’ve helped myself first? It’s my responsibility to accumulate as much wealth as I can in order to be the person I want to be. I can’t possibly help anybody if all I can worry about is my next mortgage payment or how I’m going to pay the phone bill.

Am I right?

That’s the basic premise of this entire site. Peace and Serenity through Prosperity. After all, what is the #1 thing people worry about? Money, plain and simple. Ask people about the current election or the situation in some country half way around the globe or the price of tea in China. None of those things matter as much as their own personal financial situation. Even on CNN, they have a program every day called “Issue #1 – America’s Money ” Why? Because they recognize that the thing foremost in peoples minds these days is our current deteriorating economic situation in this country and how it affects each of us as individuals.

People are stressed about money!

Of course, CNN and all the major networks make it all seem like doom and gloom, but if you take a minute to look, there are successes all around us. You ever notice how no matter what the economy is doing, there is somebody out there making money? Sure! So if those people can do it, why not us?

Making money in good times or bad is more about our personal perspective on the issue more than anything. Our personal beliefs about abundance or the lack thereof. That is the crux of the issue. How do we stop limiting ourselves? How do we actually and truly BELIEVE in abundance?

Good question and one that I will explore further in the weeks and months ahead. It is something that I’ve struggled with as much as anyone else but I can tell you this. Whenever I need, somehow the universe provides and that my friends, is the God’s honest truth.

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