The Mega Millions jackpots keep growing in New Jersey

By Joe | August 19, 2009

megamillionsThe Mega Millions jackpots keep growing and growing in the state of New Jersey where both the Mega Millions and Powerball multi-state lottery games had no winners last week.

The Mega Millions lottery, played in New Jersey and New York, has reached $170 million for Tuesday’s drawing, while the Powerball lottery which is primarily played in Pennsylvania, has gone on for several weeks without a winner and now has a $245 million jackpot!

New Jersey has had it’s share of lucky winners!

Recently, a group of 10 employees from the Chubb Institute in Whitehouse Station, NJ, pooled their resources and hit a Mega Millions jackpot of $216 million!

The largest Mega-Millions jackpot was won in March of 2007 and was shared by winners in the states of Georgia and New Jersey!

The Chubb institute now has 10 openings in their I.T. department since the jackpot winners promptly quit their jobs. I’m Kidding!

But I tell you what, if I were to get 1/10th of $216 million dollars (or 21.6 million dollars each!), I would quit my job with a quickness!

The next Powerball drawing is Wednesday. Both multi-state lotteries have drawings twice a week.

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