Kohls customers witness Tornado

By Joe | August 19, 2009

tornadoKohls department store customers in Beaumont Texas got more than they bargained for today when a tornado came and ripped of the roof of the store while customers pulled into the parking lot!

For people watchng on TV, the tornado might look just just another news story, but to the people who were visiting Kohl’s Department store and witnessed the tornado first hand, this was a terrifying, traumatizing ordeal that they won’t soon forget.

Danielle Deaton was visiting Kohls that day and got a first hand look at the devastation. I got pressure on my ears, like during the hurricane and I started hearing something on the roof and then just like the lights started flickering and the wind started knocking the clothes racks off.” Danielle recalled about her ordeal

“I saw a funnel cloud drop down in front of my car,” said Jenna Cox, another Kohls department store patron, “My car picked up on it’s side all the way, my driver’s side was down on the ground, ripped off my mirror.”

Glen Moore, a Beaumont police officer recalls “We were on patrol coming through the parking lot and dispatch put out a call that there was a report of a funnel cloud that touched down on top of kohl’s and we looked across the parking lot and we saw the funnel cloud moving away from the store with piece of the roof going off with the funnel cloud.”

Carla Mosley, another Kohl’s customer saw it this way, “The wind just started blowing really hard, kinda like straight line, but then I saw the roof flying off and I saw that hit that and I saw power lines going down and something hit my car.”

Thankfully, there were very few injuries although the debris in the aftermath of the tornado was very wide spread. Only four people were taken to local hospitals by ambulance. The rest refused treatment.

Kohl’s Department store did however sustain some significant damage

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