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By Joe | March 19, 2009

[ad#300×250]The U.S. government today launched a website in an effort to help homeowners in making their homes affordable. It is hoped that the making homes affordable program will help homeowners who have become delinquent or are at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure. is designed to help homeowners determine their eligibility for assistance from the U.S. Government.  This assistance may come in the form of counseling, adjusting mortgage rates, refinancing and more.  through the making homes affordable program, The Obama Administration wants to help homeowners at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure.   The site has information on mortgage rates, loan modification and refinancing.

Jobless claims have recently been at record highs, putting many people who normally would not have been at risk, in the position to require assistance and although there has been a decrease in the rate of jobless claims, many will still benefit from this new program.

All the details regarding the new housing rescue plan can be found at the where homeowners can determine their true credit and figure out if they can benefit from the plan.

The Making Homes Affordable program is a welcome lifeline for people who have gotten behind on their payments and may be facing foreclosure.

As a homeowner myself who has been detrimentally impacted by these tough economic times, I fully intend to take advantage of the making homes affordable program and see if I can adjust my mortgage rates as well.

EDIT:  I just came across a site about refinancing your mortgage that you might find useful.  It’s  I hope you find it helpful!

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