XBox Live is DEAD!

By Joe | August 7, 2009

[ad#300×250]OK, I couldn’t resist that headline.

Apparently, XBox Live has been down for some a couple of days and users of the popular service have been unable to connect since.  Nobody is quite sure why it’s XBox is Down but Microsoft, the creator of the popular gaming platform, is on the case and hopes to have the issue resolved soon.

Currently, Xbox Live is the only online game that charges users a fee.   XBox Live was originally made available in 2002.

Microsoft is not the only service that has had outtages this week.  We’ve had Facebook down, Twitter down and Livejournal was down for a while too.  I wonder what the heck is going on here?

Hopefully, XBox will be revived soon and gamers worldwide can get back to their online games.

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