Kim Kardashian launches Shoe Dazzle!

By Joe | May 5, 2011

Kim Kardashian has gotten involved in a new designer shoe store online called Shoe Dazzle but I think it’s more like a designer shoes of the month club.

According to the shoe dazzle site:

ShoeDazzle is a monthly membership society. Every month, for just $39, you will receive an extraordinary pair of shoes. The shoes are handpicked for you by our fashion experts. There is no obligation to purchase shoes once you register, and you are charged only after you choose your first pair of shoes. In any month, you may choose to “Skip This Month” in your account section.

So you have to pay a monthly subscription of $39 and you can pick 1 pair of shoes to receive each month. Actually, that doesn’t sound like a bad deal!

My questions is when did Kim Kardashian become interested in buying cheap designer shoes online? I mean she’s rich, right?

All I really ever knew about her was that amazing butt! Now that’s something I’d like to subscribe to! Just kidding!

Anyway, you can find out more at

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