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A Naughty Beagle Puppy Video

What a naughty beagle puppy.  Check out Beagle 101 and learn how you can have a well-behaved beagle today.                            

Too cool for school?

This guy looks pretty cool, but he’s not too cool to learn some new tricks.  Check out  Beagles 101 to make sure your beagle is too cool for school!  Click on Mr. Cool below to learn more!

Another fine mess I’ve gotten myself into . . .

Now this has gotta hurt.  Maybe if his owner got Beagles 101, he wouldn’t have gotten himself in this pickle . . .

Training a Beagle Puppy

I’m not sure how this guy did it, but check this out Beagles 101 to learn how to train your beagle baby.

Man Teaches Beagle To Fly!

Not really, but it makes for a funny headline. I came across this image online and couldn’t resist. There are some specific things you DO need to know to train a beagle.  They can be stubborn and hard to train , but when know how to do it right, you will end up with a Continue reading →

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