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Hmm . . . he looks guilty

This little fella looks kinda guilty about something.  Maybe if his owner got Beagles 101, he wouldn’t have been such a naughty boy . . .

How to Train Your Beagle

Check out Beagles 101 to learn how to train your beagle puppy. Few owners will tell you there is a right and wrong way to raise and train your beagle puppy. Train the wrong way and your cute little furball will turn into a stubborn and persistent problem.     Beagles develop habits and learn things quickly Continue reading →

Training a Beagle Puppy

I’m not sure how this guy did it, but check this out Beagles 101 to learn how to train your beagle baby.

Man Teaches Beagle To Fly!

Not really, but it makes for a funny headline. I came across this image online and couldn’t resist. There are some specific things you DO need to know to train a beagle.  They can be stubborn and hard to train , but when know how to do it right, you will end up with a Continue reading →