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Why I hate Grey’s Anatomy

I hate Grey’s anatomy.

Why you ask?

Because when Grey’s Anatomy comes on, I can’t get any work done. If I could figure out a way to get paid while watching Greys Anatomy, life would be really great. I wonder if they pay you to be a Nielson family?

Learning about Blogging and SEO and such

There is definitely a way to make money online as a blogger. I haven’t figured out how to do it yet but I know of other’s who have and I’d recommend you check them out. If you want to learn to make money blogging, then head on over to Blogging Zombie and subscribe to Justin’s Continue reading →

eBay saves the day! Hostgator servers Unblocked!

Well my BANs sites are back in action!  eBay has unblocked the Hostgator servers they had been blocking earlier today and all is right with the world again! I only noticed the issue today so I hope my sites weren’t down for too long.  I’d hate to start speculating about lost revenues and such.  I Continue reading →

eBay is blocking Hostgator!

I went to check my BANs sites this morning and none of them were showing any products.  This has happened before when I monkey around with the code and break something.  Since I haven’t touched my sites in a while except for content,  I submitted a ticket to Hostgator, my webhost, to investigate the issue. Continue reading →

Man there are a lot of gurus out there!

I don’t know about you, but I have found that once you begin looking at how to make money online, you will find a literal TON of gurus out there who who want to guide you toward your internet millions.  Every one of them promises that what they will teach you is going to help Continue reading →

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